Consulting in Smart Systems

About us

3DSoft is a company founded by researchers and alumni from University of Sao Paulo in Brazil. We have broad experience in Robotics, Computer Vision, Machine Learning and 3D Simulation. We were part of the Mobile Robotics lab that is one of the pioneers in the development of intelligent vehicles in Brazil. Our team have experience in many projects as the autonomous car CARINA 2 and the first Intelligent Truck of latin-America. Currently, 3DSoft is in the city of em Sao Carlos/Sao Paulo, a promising technological center in the interior of the state of São Paulo surrounded by great Universities.

Our Commitment

Mission: The 3DSoft main focus is the development of technology for autonomous cars and their applications. Our commitment is ensure the development of a full autonomous system from its hardware definitions to a software application. We also provide consulting to companies that develop smart sensors, robotics and automation to projects related to 4.0 Industry and precise agriculture

Vision: We aim to be worldwide known as a company to provide technology to autonomous and robotics platforms and generate job to contribute to the grown of our country.

Main Services


Intelligent Vehicles

Technologies and Applications: Autonomous navigation, Scene Mapping and Smart Cities


Computer Vision

Smart sensors, detection systems, security and product quality



Applications such as Mining, Agriculture and Urban Applications



Machine Learning, Data Science, Internet Of Things, Visual Tracking, Robot Control, Trajectory Planning, among others.



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PIPE Project

Beginning of Fapesp project



Rua Marcolino Pelicano, 198, Sala-05
Vila Pelicano
São Carlos - SP
ZIP: 13574-023

+55 (14) 98116-6399